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Lake Anne Coffee House & Wine Bar Reviews - 100

Steven S

Don’t worry, I’m going to finish every last bite on that plate -

Hands down the BEST brunch food in the Lake Anne area and dare I say all of Reston. The food is delicious, light, and honestly under priced when compared to other breakfast places in the area. Very personable staff who are there for you and do an excellent job, especially on weekends when this place gets packed (for a good reason).

There’s also live music upstairs throughout the month with a lovely ambience and a great dinner menu.

Couldn’t recommend this place enough and am happy to support this amazing local business!

Monalisha Rout

Has good dining space. Good food. Was a little bit crowded. Got little bit disappointed as had to wait for 30 minutes just to get an avocado toast, and had to follow up at the counter again and again. Lovely space outside for a walk.


Always have a great experience here, the chef is very talented and the dinners are always great. Went for happy hour this week and the wines were delicious even on the happy hour menu. love the uniqueness of this place, I hope it continues to flourish.

Pete OK

Lovely little place. Tucked away, but that adds to the charm. The dishes were very well composed and had great flavor. Also love that they have live music and support local artists! My breve coffee latte was also very tasty and a great way to wrap up the meal.

Danielle Abashe

First I just want to say the breakfast sandwich was to die for! I got the cold brew latte and it wasn’t really my favorite, but not bad. The vibe is great with beautiful outdoor seating!
This place was a little tricky to find. Since all the shops and restaurants are facing the lake, when you pull up it feels like you are at the wrong place. Just find a parking space and walk, you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Katie Weiss

I was very frustrated being here yesterday. I was meeting here with a friend in order to do a little "work party" for two or so hours.

I got a muffin and a drink here and would naturally give this place a higher rating if it weren't for the service. I know people have good and bad days, but working in customer service, it is really important to put on a happy face and make people feel welcome.

When I arrived, it took a while to get service (I am 9 months pregnant, so standing in line a while is not comfortable), and when I did, I was greeted with someone who was short with me and just put in the order and left when I was paying. I just shrugged it off, but then when the place had 20 minutes left till closing, the same person told us we had 10 minutes, and again 5 minutes later the same. It was pouring outside, and we had umbrellas, but were hoping to soak in all the time inside.

I worked in customer service. I get wanting to close on time, but the reality is you are open until you say you are, and so it is rude to make people feel they have to leave earlier, and to keep reminding them. I truly don't want to come back here after this unpleasant experience. I am hopeful it was just this one customer service person and maybe other people working there are more pleasant.

Youtube Youtube

Beautiful cute hidden away place. They are self-serve every morning except for Sunday brunch so don’t expect any wait staff. They have seating upstairs which is usually full every time ago (they should open a second location).
Food is fresh and always quality. They are gluten-free friendly as well. The wait staff isn’t always super knowledgeable about GF but they offer gluten free bread and are super friendly about customizing orders


Every time I go, I get the same drink (Brown Sugar Breve) and the size is wrong 90% of the time which I don’t understand because their menu says it ONLY comes in an 8oz. There is a huge lack of flavor and the taste of the drink is always altered because the size is wrong. The staff is decent, but could be friendlier because I wouldn’t be writing this review if asking for my drink to be remade seemed like a hassle. I work in customer service and I understand serving others can feel overwhelming, but it always sucks being a customer and feeling like you aren’t allowed to be satisfied with what you paid for.

Sid Ramesh

Definitely coming back again to try the breakfast tacos. Warm atmosphere with enough tables on both levels. Coffee is okay. 4 stars because the wait is usually long even without much of a crowd.

Libby Hsiao

Looked promising for a good coffee and pastry after a walk on the trails. The cortado I ordered was passable but nothing special, and the side order biscuit took the kitchen so long I walked out without it. Could definitely benefit from more attentive service at the counter.

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