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DRNK coffee + tea Reviews - 81

Bobbie Price

Very good customer service and surprisingly good coffee. This place is low key perfect to come and study or get some work done. It's not quiet, but there's power drops everywhere and the seats are comfy.

w R

It was my first time going here. My husband said he likes it because it's healthy. Since it's far away from us I try a couple of them I didn't like the yogurt with fruit I like the salad and juice. I ask the guy can I exchange it for something that I will like? He said no" we can't do that, That's worse customer service, I don't know how he is working there. I will never go again here since my stomach was hurting after eating here.

Alina J

HIRE MORE STAFF FOR WEEKENDS please. I waited for me bagel and coffee for at least 30 minutes on Saturday. It’s not employees’ fault as they were all over the place trying to assist everyone and were so nice and apologetic about the wait. Hire more people for the weekends.

Update: I received a fast reply to my review, I do appreciate that and updated it to 4 stars.

Jake Mercurio

We came here for acai bowls and lattes, and everything was a slight miss. My latte was too hot. Even after 15 minutes it still burnt my tongue on the first sip.

The acai bowls were quart sized, way too much for a single person. Two adults can easily share one. The fruit was very fresh though.

The service was slow. The music too loud. The bathrooms were exceptional clean.

annzie a

This is a modern cafe located in Sterling. It is very clean and spacious. I went in on a weeknight, so it wasn't busy at all.

They offer a variety of drinks ranging from hot coffee/tea to fresh juices. There also some food items on the menu as well. I don't think they are comparable to Starbucks, but they are up and coming.

I would definitely recommend the fresh brewed coffee. I plan on returning to try another drink.

MJ Eashum

We liked this shop. A lot larger than it looks outside. Bright and cheerful. Floors were a bit sticky (probably bad cleaner) but service was friendly even during their busy time and coffee was good. Breakfast sandwich was ok.

Jonathon Frerichs

Easy, quick coffee after lunch in the area - Americano was well made and tasted fresh. Much preferred over nearby Starbucks for a coffee on the go.

Roy Krebs

Great food quick quality service

Denise Acosta

Great spot! Not only is is coffee and tea, but they also do yogurt bowls. More food options than your typical coffee shop. If you need to get work done, I would def recommend this place for that as well.

Josh Le

I love their huge acai bowls with fresh ingredients and yummy taste ! The G-bowl has always been my fav

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