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Katie's Coffee House Reviews - 100

Lucas Parkins

Katie's has the foremost cars and coffee in the DC region every Saturday morning. The cars start rolling in bright and early, 6am or earlier depending on the weather, and you can enjoy a wide variety of rare and interesting cars all morning. On Saturdays Katie's has a food stand with yummy handheld breakfast items - my favorites are the breakfast burrito and chocolate croissant. Their coffee is also superb, with some cool latte options if that's your thing.

Michael Cornias

This was one of my favorite breakfast spots. We arrived at 10:45am. We placed our breakfast order and it never came out. We sat with empty coffee cups until 12pm. The waiter never checked on us as he checked on all the tables around us. We had to get up pay for the coffee at the register and leave without eating. The worst customer service I’ve ever had.

Hasan Jafree

Didn’t find the place very clean. Service (at the counter) was average. Lots of flies outside. You just cannot expect the location and fancy cars to sell your food. Management should make a little more effort to clean up the place and improve service. Food was not bad. Very casual.

Tommy Gladnick

Great cappuccino here, but the real attraction is the gathering of incredible unique cars every Saturday morning. Do yourself a favor and take a Saturday morning to check out some of the coolest cars around. Old cars, luxury cars, sports cars, they've got everything. It was definitely worth the half an hour trip, and I am definitely going back this summer.

Dave Lepkowski

Had a great tasting Memorial Dey eve dinner here with my friends the other day on the front patio. The hamburger and cole slaw that I had was very good and awesome. Management and staff are very friendly and helpful as well as super informative. good place to be with family and friends. Eas not too crowdrf.

Kevin McGowan

Nice place with decent coffee and pastry. I didn't have it bur breakfast they were serving looked good

Jake Nguyen

This place makes you feel like home or on vacation. Rode my bike here to meet friends for the first time last year. Didn't expect there's a car show but the food, environmental is great. Definitely will be back.

Marc Neilson

Very cute cafe attached to Irish pub. Oddly though, the staff were quite grumpy, and one woman staff member even stated to another, "What does he want?" with me standing right there. Well, I wanted tea thanks but the box was empty. All of the staff had frowns, as if they had just gotten yelled at by someone (certainly not me). It was weird.

I still recommend it for the car watching and general ambiance.

Laura Vanpelt

Adorable spot to have breakfast! We were visiting my mother in Leesburg. We were on our way home back to New Jersey and just happened to find it by mistake. Friendly staff!!


Cars and coffee every Saturday at 6:30!! Other than that they make high quality coffee and pastries.

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