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Qahwa Cafe Reviews - 26

Umar Toor

I have had great experiences at Qahwa Cafe as of late. I’ve become a fan of their frozen lemonades, as the lemonades themselves are very tasty. I had the strawberry frozen lemonade this time and it did not disappoint. The atmosphere of this space is surreal, as if transporting into a cozy and welcoming cafe that is many different things at once, work space, hang out spot, outdoor refresher with comfy seating, you name it they probably have a space for it. Not to mention all the great events they are having constantly. Great place with great vibes and even better coffee, tea and other drinks!

Noor A

The most aesthetic beautiful cafe I have ever been to! The interior design is beyond amazing and modern. The coffee is the best coffee I’ve ever had and I live out of town. Coming from a barista myself, the drinks are amazing, the staff is amazing, the environment is amazing. 100% recommend!

Brahim AHMED

I am not used to see a coffee shop in a mosque but this exception is amazing!

Saarah Na'Allah

Qahwa Cafe was not only pleasing to my eyes一for its breathtaking decor, but pleasing to my heart for being a community cafe in the masjid. The environment was so lovely, you need to go see for yourself! My iced matcha latte was delicious.

Arshan Arshad

Nice small location inside the local mosque. Wide variety of drinks and small snacks. I ordered the Nutella latte and beef empanada

Nashwa El-Shater

Best flat whites in the DMV! The spinach and cheese pastry is delicious, as is the empanada. And such a stunning spot.

Amer Sultan

Great Cafe at Adams Center. Love their iced lattes. Cozy environment to sit, do some work or sit on their outdoor deck.

Mehdi B

There espresso is one of the best I tried in the DMV. Their coffee isn't over roasted and has that tone of light acidity that reminds me of the coffee I used to have back in Europ. Wished they had more savory options available. Still, one of the best spots you can find to enjoy an exceptional coffee, get work done, and connect with beautiful people.

Mariam Mehter

Besides the excellent coffee, I'm such a fan of the wonderful, varied programming they offer. The vibe is cozy and wholesome, and I'm always in awe of the decor and art in rotation.

Sonali Sheelam

Just an amazing friendly place with excellent drinks !!!! Love the community. My favorite is the Nutella latte.

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