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Peet's Coffee Reviews - 100

George Van Hentenryck

This store is amazing! It has a busy drive-through and seating for 25 comfortably. The employees are amazing, fun, excited about working and take customer service seriously. The place is amazingly clean and an interesting group of customers who are , diverse, respectful and pleasant! This is one of the best Peet’s store I’ve visited and highly recommend!

Laura Spriggs Gray

This is a nice Peets coffee with a drive through which is what we usually do. They do have both indoor and outdoor seating if you are looking for a place to sit and work or just relax. I took off one star because they always seem to be out of multiple items we want to order. No difference this time, but we’re used to it so we had back up options. Service is friendly and reasonably fast and they get the order right. The drinks are really good - and they’ve got all the alternative milks so you can customize away.

Matthew Whitmore

Coffee is coffee but the staff here really try to give good service. My first 2 visits I was serviced by this guy with an amazing beard and an amazing attitude. He recommended a simple alteration to a drink I’ve gotten for years and it’s a total upgrade. I’m so glad I went to Peet’s!

Todd Cornwall

The Mocha's I have had there are tasty and the service is relatively quick and friendly.
Clean location, but just a chain coffee shop, so don't expect comfortable seats or any reading area.

waran dv

Quick and easy coffee to go. Did the drive through. No complaints

Mahir Iskender

I tried to avoid writing this review but I guess I must in order for the coffee and service to improve. Let me be clear here: this review is for afternoon staff . I do get great coffee and service from morning team. The Team afternoon is just careless, they won't greet you, they will make you wait at the register and talk to each other, quality of drink is just zero. Today especially my drink was cold. I mean it. They didn't care to properly froth the milk. They made me to wait to make they payment and left me unattended to go and make the drink. I understand intention was good probably but you don't leave client at the register and expect him to wait to make the payment. This is the moment when I wish there was another coffee shop in the area. And for no obvious reason they close the doors about 10 min early almost every time I come here. I will try to avoid coming to this place after 2-3 pm.

Steven Overstreet

Highly recommend.

Great coffee, great staff. I go out of my way to get my coffee from this location.


Six people behind the counter, no one in drive-thru, one person in front of us BUT LEFT AFTER 10 MINUTES BECAUSE WE WERE STILL NOT SERVED! Time to upgrade inside and get the staff some training. This was on the weekend.

Marquelle Adkins

Best trained staff in the area. They are always friendly and knowledgeable. Please pay them well.

Pradeep chowdary peddineni

Cool decor and comfy lounge chairs, get ur daily dose of caffeine and chill. Great customer service but Little over priced.

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  • Wednesday 6 AM to 6 PM
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  • Saturday 6 AM to 6 PM
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