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Weird Brothers Coffee Reviews - 88

Thant Aung

There is a smaller Weird Brothers location not far from this World Gate location. I'm happy to see they have expanded to a bigger shop yet the quality is still the same.

I usually go for a simple latte or chai but the choices here are endless. It's kind of paralyzing if you don't know what you want. Happy to see the owners are into Star Wars. There's a drink called "Mandalorian" lol and there are many other SW references. You can order small food too but I've never tried it. The vibe is pretty cool and most importantly the coffee is GOOD! If I'm not mistaken, they roast their own beans. Skip Starbucks. If you have never been to Weird Brothers, try them instead!

Anand C

Great roasters, amazing coffee, good place and friendly people. Wish I had been to this place earlier.

They have a lot of good hot and cold coffee options. If it’s your first time, staff will help you choose. And they can get your name right the first time.

They have quick bite options with paninis, salad, toast, smoothies and even pastries. And did I mention ice cream.

Place is very clean, some table seating is available. Service is quick. There’s short term parking available in front of shop.


Consistently wonderful & friendly experiences thanks to a great team. 🌟💥

Really cool drink options, and they're adding more and more delicious food options, they taste homemade and everything here is top-notch quality. 👌

Special thanks to all staff members for going above and beyond and making weird brothers such an awesome place ♥️

More details:
- always clean, even when busy! 🫧
- plenty of seating & parking, with additional seating in the mall.
- great location
- good strong wifi connection 🌎
- price is good & fair, and they provide a free drink after every 8 with a punch card
- pastries & other food options are delicious 🥐

Overall a great place, and they have 2 other locations with the same experience (oneore in herndon and another in Leesburg - Leesburg location has live music sometimes!)🪄


I work at the hotel right nearby and I'm so excited I've got a Weird Bro.'s Coffee right next to me! I've had their drinks at the other Herndon location, I love the nerdy theme. The employees at this location are very friendly and welcoming, and they've got super chill music playing. Definitely recommend them to guests at the Marriott at Worldgate, definitely a must try! I got the Spanish&Cheese croissant and a flavored mocha, soooo good!!

Farhad Munshi

Great coffee and breakfast place. Clean and friendly staff. They brew their own trademark coffees. We got an Ethiopian pour over and latte. Both were very nice. They have paninis breakfast sandwiches and toast along with lots of bakery choices.

Jeremy Ber

This place is perfect for my work business trips in Dulles. Friendly staff and decent cold brew!

Kristen Brabrook

Already one of my go to coffee shops (even if I frequent the roastery more) I was extra blown away by the service. The staff here has always been super friendly and personable, but the gentleman named Ozzy who was working was a huge boon to the shop. He was so attentive, going above and beyond for a woman trying to decide between a few bags of beans, checking in with guests who were already seated and drinking their beverages, and had such warmth radiating from him. As someone who runs a restaurant, I would poach him in an instant if I didn't love weird bros so much. I was already going to be back many times over, but congrats to them on their special staff!

Aleenah K James

I love weird bros. I think it’s the best coffee in the area. but this location is really slow and I’ve had my drinks missed, my orders not called out so I’m sitting there for 20+ minutes waiting for coffee. Burnt croissants and the like. Honestly it’s absurd for how much you pay. I always tip but customer service here is a 2 out of 5 stars

Faisal H.

Over priced burnt coffee. And to top it off had to encounter a rude rude barista.

Jeanna Turner

Wrong order , my daughter ordered a small coffee and she wanted caramel in it, they gave her a shot of expresso and sent us out the door we went back to try to fix it. The cashier had gone to the restroom and the girl said they didn't know anything about it I showed him my receipt online. Seriously bad experience I will not be returning. It was on a Monday morning in the staff was just incredibly slow at 10 in the morning.

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