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King Street Coffee Reviews - 100

John Price

Cool shop on essentially the main drag, so to speak. Good mocha within my sweet taste tolerances. A little seating area inside as well as out. Some parking out back in their small lot but also street meter parking (park mobile app).


COOL local coffee shop with character. Sure to be your local go-to for coffee. Excellent coffee and both indoor/outdoor seating. Nice seasonal offerings and the friendly staff are happy to make a suggestion if you want to try something new!

Kelsey Williams

Awesome experience. Staff is super friendly!! They have so many options for coffee plus cold brew and French press as well. Just a cute vibe all together and coffee is great. They also have some bakery items as well

John Ellis

King Street is one of my favorite cafe-haunts. Although small, you get a down-home house feeling inside with living room furniture, books, and artwork. Outside, there's a rustic porch with rocking chairs and lawn furniture across the lot. The coffee is generally very good, dark, and well brewed, with my own preference going toward the quality cappuccino and other espresso drinks. Their superlative feature is the large assortment of gluten-free pastries (and regular pastries in a separate case)--donuts, small cakes, and cookies. The employees are welcoming and accommodating. In the end, there is much to enjoy at this small-town "grandma's house" of a Cafe.

Tricia Sloan

It is our favorite coffee shop for sure; mine, my daughter's, and especially my granddaughter's!! Their house blend is perfect; strong, not bitter, wonderful aroma and taste. My granddaughter loves their espresso, different teas, and loves their "true" iced coffee in the warmer months. It's the only place we go now when we want to sit and catch up, & totally enjoy our coffee. The servers, baristas are very friendly, knowledgeable, and service is excellent. Love this place. 😀 (Only had food twice. Was good both times.)

Scarlett Sutton

I go to King Street instead of all the other coffee shops in the area because the staff are so lovely, outgoing, and welcoming. Adorable little coffee shop with personality and seating inside for telecommuters. Delicious coffee, fresh baked goods, but the service stands out the most.

Maddie Burgee

I had a less-than-stellar experience up the block at one of King Street's competitors (I'm looking at you, Goosecup) and came into King Street for some redemption.

I had popped in before venturing to their competitor in the hopes to grab a seat and sit on my laptop for a bit. Unfortuneately, they were full up at the time. This to say, don't bank on their being open seating. It's limited.
When I came back through, they had most of their tables open, so I took my chance. Their hot chocolate is good, not great, but worth the price tag for sure.

Staff was all friendly and approachable and greeted me both times I had walked in. They seemed happy to answer questions as I had them.

Surprisingly, the place is littered with outlets, so I was able to plug my ancient computer in and get some work done for a few hours too.

All in all, wonderful spot to hang out for a bit. It is very much what I expect when I hear "local coffee shop". Quaint, kind, and cozy.

B O'Connor

What an absolute gem of an independent coffee shop you are!! I personally dislike being in one of those pretentious, hip places that are often so overhyped. The atmosphere in King Street Coffee was vibrant and relaxed.
I loved the huge selection of coffee drinks, our handmade lemon muffins and the gorgeous outside seating area!

K Jones

Great coffee, gluten free pastries were exceptional. Everyone very friendly.

Clay Jackson

A lovely coffee spot in the heart of downtown Leesburg. They specialize in roasting their own beans with multiple options for the origin of the beans. They also have several of the standard espresso-based drinks with a limited selection of pastries.

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