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Maverick Cafe Reviews - 11

Ronald Cortez

A bike and a coffee shop, it's a match made in heaven! I got a cold brew and bought a bag of coffee beans for the house. It was perfect, and the team was really friendly. They're happy to share what they like about coffee with you. I'll be back whenever I'm in the area.

Devon Jaimes

Went to pick up two bikes we ordered online and stayed for some coffee. Very kind folk with a beautiful bike selection!

ed bolton

Really good coffee, with options from small local roasters. The barista was super knowledgeable about the different options and after talking about them poured me a taste from both. They also have a ton of milk alternatives for their espresso drinks if that’s your thing.

Jessica Ducote

Cute little shop. The barista is the owners daughter and she was super kind and fun to talk to. She gave recommendations and talked me through the drinks cold brew (my go to) was out today.

I’m not a gluten-free person, but got a breakfast sandwich anyways and it was good.

Ronald Ross III

Great shop. The employees were friendly and fun to talk to. More importantly, the coffee was excellent! If I recall correctly, they get it from a roaster in Winchester.

Alyssa K

Very friendly staff, nice shop. They opened right before covid hit and are working their way up. The cafe is a great addition with good coffee. Keep in mind they are still hiring baristas in the cafe, so they are fully stocked with everything on the weekends. Some weekdays they do not have full barista staff so treat them with respect as a smaller and upcoming business! The coffee is high quality and they are introducing new menu items…definitely a place worth visiting, I’ll be back!


Our experience here was less than enjoyable to say the least. Firstly, we ordered online to pick up at the curb however every number we saw online did not work or sent us to a Parking Company. We waited outside for a good 10 minutes, having even called the wrong number during that time. Finally, a young lady came out with 3 small baggies. Two of them had dry hard halves of biscuits which was strange because we ordered one sandwich, waffles and one biscuits with gravy.

The girl said they didn't have sausage but could give us a sandwich of some sort instead. She came back with two more baggies, each with a cold discs made of egg, cheese and some sausage (or so we believe). On top of that, we ordered waffles but they had bacon bits in them. The description online didn't list any bacon on our order.

Needless to say we aren't going back.

Molly DeCarli

Very unique coffee shop! Combined with a bike shop, but there were still tables and couches to sit and enjoy my drink! The Maverick was a perfect drink, and the barista was very friendly and helpful! I would definitely recommend this place, and I will be back!!

David Martinelli

Great cappuccino and bagel. Me and my girlfriend loved the drinks and food here. Had great service and also a very unique being combined with a bike shop!

Douglas Graham

A wonderful coffee shop with lots of space and seating and very friendly and helpful baristas! Coffee was really good by Lone Oak out of Winchester, I would definitely recommend this place, and I will be back!!

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