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SR Coffee Co. Reviews - 72

J Alexa Moncada

What a beautiful, clean and harmonious place. It’s small, but the best thing is how good it feels when you get in there. His staff is super friendly, friendly and attentive. The girls are friendly and cheerful. It was a fantastic experience for me. I’ll be back with someone very special who loves coffee just like me!!! Its parking lot is comfortable and close to the entrance. Don’t forget to meet him. I recommend it 100%.

Carolyn K

This is a fun little coffee shop right across from a small airport. It was nice to get a coffee then watch the small planes take off. The coffee was really good. I got the honey lavender, and it had a lot of flavor. The breakfast sandwiches were really filling as well.

Allen McClain

Great atmosphere and great staff. Very friendly and passionate about what they are providing you. Coffee was on point and the hash brown bowl was out of this world. 10/10

Stevie Boywonder

At last Great coffee! Unlike so many coffee shops in leesburg which are popular because of location, this place makes truly quality coffee. And don’t restrict yourself to coffee, their kitchen is phenomenal. Skip an over priced under performing “lunch spot” in leesburg and come here for truly quality coffee and food.

Lenny Fumarolo

Small coffee shop in Leesburg VA.
Good house roast coffee and the breakfast food is very good.
Worth the try.
I think this will be at least a once a week stop for me.
Support an independent roaster and give them a try.

Brendan Flynn

The best burger I had in VA was at a strip mall coffee shop? Yes.

Nick Montgomery

Where do I begin.. The coffee here is absolutely fantastic, I got the nitro cold brew and the wife got an iced latte and they were as close to perfection as you can get. But that wasn’t even the best part.. the food man the food.. their biscuits and gravy will make any southern grandma shed tears of joy and she shovels spoonfuls of the peppery gravy down her throat with little concern as to what it is doing to her waistline. While out of the way, it’s well worth the drive from practically anywhere. Keep up the quality guys, you’re killing it.

Balaji Natarajan

This is not your neighborhood Starbucks. Coffee tastes real good, fresh and I can tell the difference between a good, and a bad one. I grew up near coffee plantations in South India and nothing still beats a good cuppa back home but this comes very close.

Wesley Smith

Taste: ☕️ 3
Atmosphere: 🌅 3
Workability: 💼 3
Overall: 💁‍♂️ 3

The coffee is pretty good, and the food menu is actually phenomenal. Not the coziest coffee shop in town for a long sit, but for a morning breakfast it's unbeatable.

Jenny B

Excellent service and food. I love all of their Latte flavors. Their breakfast burrito is super delicious. They also do catering and we used them for a morning event everyone loved the bagels, muffins and drip coffee.

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